Day: December 14, 2011

McNary student on MTV’s ‘Made’

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes A Keizer teen is appearing on MTV Tuesday night for the television show “Made.” A wish to become a “ladies’ man” was off the cuff, said 17-year-old Anthony Aguilar, a junior at McNary High School. The episode airs at 7 p.m. on MTV. “They came to our school (in spring 2011) and like put up a poster saying, hey, do you want to be on ‘Made?’” he said. “I signed up, not thinking I was actually going to get picked. I just thought it would be a cool experience.” MTV Shows MTV, however, was quite serious. A crew came to town for two days late in the semester to get a few shots, but that was it for a while. “Then they said I was going to be on ‘Made,’” he said. The MTV show is a reality series that helps teenagers become whatever it is they want to be – perhaps an athlete or a musician or a … ladies’ man? MTV had just the woman for the job: 2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih. Aguilar said he enjoyed the interaction with Fakih, who as a coach of sorts helped him gain more confidence and act on the spur of the moment. “Probably the biggest advice was if you’re asked to do something, and you don’t want to do it, she said just...

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Celt parent digs deep for first fiction release

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes After tracking his son’s rising star as a high school and college basketball player in his first book, author David Espinoza decided he wanted his next project to be more personal. His new book Poor Kid, Wealthy Kid, explores his own struggles as a student-athlete and the lessons learned along the way. “We didn’t have much money, but I had friends who did have money and I learned just by being around them and in their homes,” Espinoza said. His book follows the story of a gifted high school quarterback, Carlos, his love interest, Liz, and Carlos’ friendship with Liz’s brother, Harv. It’s up to Carlos and Harv to push past their differences to see if they can lift the Gervais High School football team to the state championship. “Gervais is the setting and the plot revolves around football, but it’s about what happens off the field,” Espinoza said. Espinoza, a software engineer who works for the state and father of two former McNary High School Celtics, Matt and Jake Espinoza, scratched out the book over two and a half years on a tablet during his free time and lunch breaks. Espinoza, himself, was a talented kicker on the Gervais football team after his family moved from Texas to Oregon, but the book draws from his experiences growing up in a poor...

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