To the Editor:

I have been involved with the Clear Lake annexation issue for some time now and have asked some hard questions of both districts as well as the city of Keizer.  I am perplexed at the lies and deceit being communicated by the Keizer Fire District (KFD) and the city of Keizer wanting to partner with them.  The recent 911 measure, in which the voters of Keizer said no by an 80 percent majority, being the most recent example of KFD’s web of deception.

Let’s consider the failed 911 fee.  I was at the town hall meeting at the Gubser School and heard what the city had to say and I do believe what I was told by the city councilors.  I also watched the Statesman Journal interview with Chief Jeff Cowan and Chief Marc Adams.  I then received an email from Chief Cowan that told a completely different story and directly contradicted everything I heard at the Gubser meeting.  The scare tactics that were used were appalling and all lies.  Is this really who the city wants to partner with to protect its citizens?

Keizer Fire District is in financial trouble, they finally admit this in the budget plan they made public last month.  I have found evidence of this in the board minutes going back a year.   They do not paint a rosy picture financially; in fact they pose one that shows them bankrupt in 2015-2016.  Why does the city continue down this path with putting all their eggs in the KFD basket?  Does the city of Keizer really want to have its own fire department?

Then, at the KFD board meeting the board voted against supporting the urban growth extension that the city asked for.  How much more is the city willing to gamble on this partnership with KFD?

With the failed 911 measure, the Land Use Board of Appeals appeal that went against the city of Keizer, the Chuck Sides bail out.  I know the city repeatedly states that it was not a bailout but the public definitely sees it as a bail out.  How much more egg in the face is the city of Keizer willing to stand?  Enough is enough!

Mike Welter