Day: December 5, 2011

New business aims to be yard sale hub

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes The owner’s of Keizer’s newest thrift shop want it to be the first stop for yard sale aficionados. Our first hint was the name: Yard Sale Galore, which moved into their space on 3986 River Road N. earlier this fall. Many aspects of the business are oriented towards the front lawn entrepreneur. Each Thursday owners Larry and Gina Dankenbring plan to have Salem-Keizer yard sales available in a handy-dandy list for customers to take with them. “People can come in, grab a list and while they’re there they can take a peek around and see what’s new,” Gina said. Following that is Freebie Fridays, which is where – at least for now – eager deal-seekers can look through items the owners don’t think will sell, or aren’t in good enough condition to put on shelves. “We don’t want to sell junk, so we’ll just give it away,” said Gina, who added she hopes that, as inventory grows and word spreads, folks in need can stop by on a referral basis and grab what they need. Street Sale Saturdays are exactly what they sound like. Doors open two hours earlier than usual and free coffee is ready to go. The Dankenbrings hope it will be the first stop for yard sale aficionados each weekend. “That’s when we really roll out the new inventory,” Gina added....

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City says it will repay other taxing districts for urban renewal extension

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes The newest iteration of the city’s proposal to extend urban renewal district to pay down bond debt comes with a promise to fully repay other taxing districts. The Keizer City Council took public testimony on the issue last week, but hasn’t yet made a decision. The city is in that position due to a developer’s apparent inability to pay some $800,000 and counting towards local improvement district assessments at Keizer Station. New details of plans to reimburse overlapping jurisdictions for foregone revenue also emerged. The city needs agencies representing 75 percent of taxing revenue to sign off, meaning the Salem-Keizer School District is an essential player. It represents some 35 percent of revenue, and there’s no deal if the school district doesn’t sign off. The city’s proposal calls for guaranteed payment of funds the school district could possibly lose as a result of the extension – some $134,058. This will occur over the next four years. All jurisdictions will be paid back with 4 percent interest once affected land is repossessed from or voluntarily conveyed by developer Chuck Sides. But the city has 10 years before that payment is due. The proposal allows the city to hold onto the land until market values reach a level deemed optimal, said City Attorney Shannon Johnson, avoiding what he called a fire sale. And Christopher sought...

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