Day: November 18, 2011

Two Lady Celts to join Division I teams

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Next year, two Lady Celt athletes will be playing for different mascots. McNary High School’s Hailey Decker and Deven Hunter signed letters of commitment to play with University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Oregon State University Beavers, respectively. The signings took place in a special ceremony before school Wednesday, Nov. 9. Decker will play softball for the Cornhuskers and Hunter will play basketball for the Beavers, but both have been multisport athletes in high school. Decker’s path to Nebraska – whether or not she realized it then – began when she was in the sixth grade. That’s when Nebraska Head Coach Rhonda Revelle first heard her name. Revelle, herself a native Oregonian and graduate of North Eugene High School, was contacted by Jerry Howard, the Volcanoes marketing manager, and told her that she should be looking at the daughter of the Volcanoes then-coach Steve Decker. Howard and Revelle’s father had been good friends. “I kind of giggled because she was so young, but a few years later I started hearing her name in softball circles,” Revelle said. “It didn’t take long for me to connect the dots. Her athleticism and her competitiveness and the combination of power and speed and the drive to be the best she can be makes her a very exciting prospect for us.” For her part, Decker had...

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Urban renewal’s past and future important to city

By CATHY CLARK Keizer’s only Urban Renewal District has been used to build projects important to Keizer residents and businesses and is now needed to ensure the city can stay on track to pay off the Local Improvement District (L.I.D.). The proceeds from those L.I.D. properties will then allow us to eventually continue improvements on River Road. Urban Renewal paid for repaving River Road and putting utility wires underground, upgrading sidewalks and landscaping, and designing safer driveways. Keizer Station roadways, Cherry Avenue upgrades, and our Civic Center all were possible and paid in full because of Urban Renewal. And private investment has followed public investment. From façade improvements to new construction, these sections of Keizer have seen growth. Urban Renewal has been based on public processes like River Road Renaissance and Keizer Compass Visioning that created plans and goals to guide project selection. The citizen Keizer Urban Renewal Board and River Road Renaissance committee have worked hard to make sure projects carry out those goals. The Urban Renewal district has run its course. The taxes from the improvements will soon finish paying for projects and become part of paying our regular bills, which is what the city and taxing districts that also serve Keizer have been looking forward to. Urban Renewal has done exactly what it was designed to do. Part of paying for Keizer Station roads and utilities,...

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Taxpayers will have to pay

A Box of Soap By DON VOWELL I voted against the 911 measure.  I wouldn’t have been disappointed at all if it had passed.  Keizer is sometimes too proud by half of its public penny-pinching.  If you demand services you should be honest enough to pay for them.  Maybe we could decide better what to pay for. One of the promos sent out to support this measure said that Keizer has only 37 officers, less officers per capita than other cities of a comparable size.  The Keizer Police web site says 40 sworn officers.  Thirty-seven officers working 40 hours a week would combine for 1,480 hours in total.  There are only 168 hours in a week, so the simple computation is that 8.8 officers are available 24 hours a day. The same web site says that only 13 of the sworn officers are patrol officers.  That makes the 168 hours much more difficult to cover.  If you are interested in what the other 27 officers do, you’ll find it at the web site.  Because I am an average citizen spending most of my time on the business of survival, I cannot competently argue against all the department necessities that require two thirds of their staff doing something besides patrolling the streets.  In the end it just means that I can find no sympathy for yet another funding plea. This...

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