Day: November 11, 2011

Schrader: Health care mandate could save money

Congressman Kurt Schrader said this week everything from Medicare to defense spending were piling on the national deficit. One program that won’t? The individual health care mandate passed by Congress and championed by President Barack Obama, the second-term Democrat told a Keizer Chamber of Commerce luncheon this week. A District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled this week in a 2-1 decision the plan to require most people to purchase or otherwise obtain health insurance was constitutional. “There’s some misinformation about that,” Schrader said. “We can argue about the costs and how much it saves but at the end of the day we start providing quality healthcare … and we base reimbursement on outcomes instead of services rendered.” Schrader was in town presenting what was billed as a nonpartisan analysis of federal revenue and spending. And some of the numbers he presented weren’t pretty: • Of every federal dollar spent, 39 cents is borrowed. • Medicare has almost double the enrollees than it did in 1975, reaching 47.4 million in 2010. That’s projected to go up to 88.2 million in 2040. • At the same time, cost per enrollee continues to rise. Medicare per capita spending was at $1.985 per year in 1975, rising to $9,828 in 2010 and projected to reach more than $17,000 in 2040. Schrader has big hopes for the congressional supercommittee, a 12-member group evenly...

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Why I voted yes

To the Editor: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to vote yes or no on the 911 fee, so I did some checking. Maybe what I learned will help others, too. The League of Oregon Cities did a survey in 2009. When they compared cities with populations similar to Keizer, they found an average of 1.35 police officers for every 1,000 people. Where is Keizer? 1.10 officers per 1,000 population. Among 17 cities similar in size to Keizer, only two had fewer police officers. Among all 123 cities surveyed (of varied sizes), Keizer was 11th from the bottom in police. In addition today we have three less police than when the survey was conducted. If Keizer voters pass the dedicated 911 fee, our police will not need to use a large chunk of its budget to pay for 911 operators. Instead, they can use that money to hire more police officers. A dedicated 911 fund to pay for 911 operators so the city can hire more police officers!, I’m not a big fan of tax increases, but this one small fee (less than $5 per month) I can support. I’m voting yes on the local, dedicated 911 fund. Rob Conahey Keizer,...

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School cuts don’t include everything

To The Editor: We read in the paper the school district is lacking in funds, so we have to cut jobs, supplies, and many other things. I just learned that 66 percent of the lottery goes to education. That is a healthy sum. Recently, I read that Maps Credit Union had donated $50,000 to the schools. Because of the shortage of funds, or whatever reason, the elementary schools do not have textbooks. The teachers are given the subject to teach, then they have to fill in the material to be taught. The teacher goes online or to the library or wherever to find the material to be taught. It is sort of like repairing a car without tools. The district has cut many areas in order to save money. At the same time, the district has hired coaches. These are teachers that go in to check on the classroom teachers. Some classrooms teachers have a Masters degree, others have decades of experience. My question is the paying of coaches’ wages. I thought we had cut jobs. And what about the principal? Isn’t the principal over the teachers? Why do we need coaches when we are cutting back on teachers’ jobs? Are we getting the true picture? Some elementary schools have two or three paid coaches. This is a new position, and we talk about cutting back on funds? Give...

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Manchurian Candidate

To the Editor: Anyone having experienced Marxism has no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist with a Muslim influence. It is a fact that Marxism and radical Muslims want America annihilated. Therefore, they will join forces seeking destruction. Who would control, will be decided later. For now, let’s put together those two axioms and a third one will evolve: Barack would destroy this country. Folks, this is simple basic and pure logic. International Communism has been looking for years for a “Manchurian Candidate” They got one, Barack Hussein Obama. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian author and dissident after his exile in 1974 and during his first visit to England, talked about the West giving everything away. He said “I wouldn’t be surprise at the sudden and imminent fall of the West.” Many ignored his prophetic words. Almost 40 years later his prophecy became a reality. Freedom is becoming a thing of the past. However, this precious jewel won’t be missed until totally gone. Only we, the victims of Communism learned it the hard way. Marxists are master of deception. Lies are their ace in the hole. It is up to you to save America and our freedom. Time is running out. Manny Martinez...

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