To the Editor:

I have been a Keizer resident since I was a small girl. Take away the time at college, and the remainder of my years have been living in the fine city of Keizer.

We have the distinction of being proud of our community and it’s volunteers which is what makes Keizer, Keizer.

I was saddened and confused when I heard of the firing of one of Keizer’s finest.  Roland Herrera who has worked in the public works water department for 19 years was fired.  After reading of the allegations and what the reasons for termination were, I’m even more confused. These offenses appear to be ones that should have been handled with warnings, or other disciplinary actions. Termination seems too extreme.

Roland has always been an incredible asset to Keizer. You could find him on the weekends at McNary high, or during the week bridging the gap between groups.  During the floods in the 90’s Roland went above and beyond the call of duty helping us with the rescue of our dog.  He truly represents what Keizer “should” be about, and what I thought Keizer was about.

I’m hoping that the city leaders will reconsider this termination and right the wrong that was done in his firing. We need more people with Roland’s spirit.

Mary Gene Atwood