A 13-year-old Whiteaker Middle School student was arrested for disorderly conduct after threatening to bring a gun to campus and shoot other students, Keizer Police said Monday night.

Administrators at the school found out about a potential threat to the school through students last Thursday and an investigation led to the student suspected of making the threat. Principal Laura Perez said earlier in the day the threat was “not viable.”

“Any time you have students anxious about something the story tends to get bigger and bigger,” she said.

An recorded call went out to parents last week and classes have continued at the school uninterrupted. The suspected student was suspended from school pending the investigation’s outcome.

Perez said administrators enacted their security plans and were “looking at the issue from all angles since student safety is the priority.”

Parents of the student suspected are cooperating with investigators and the school is working toward a discipline plan.

School Resource Officer Jay Prall began investigating the threat last week. Keizer Police Capt. Jeff Kuhns said the student, identified simply as a 13-year-old male, had told several peers over a period of days he was planning to bring a gun to school and shoot other students. The arrested juvenile denied making the threats.

Kuhns also stated that evidence on the suspect’s Facebook page supported what other students had been saying.

Additional charges may be forthcoming, Kuhns said.

“Investigating reports of this nature are of the highest priority for both the Keizer Police Department and the Salem-Keizer School District,” Kuhns added.