To the Editor:

I would like to express my support for a valued Keizer community member Roland Herrera.

Roland is the number one ambassador for our town, anyone from west, south, eorth or east Salem that have ever attended a sporting event in Keizer knows Roland. An outgoing, happy, and engaging man whose heart clearly outweighs his body!

Roland has left his mark in our schools,  his work with water education in our schools has made an impact with our young students.  Little League has grown and prospered because of the efforts of Roland Herrera, I can’t think of a project involving athletics at McNary High School that Roland hasn’t been a major contributor.

Many of us who were here during the “floods” recall Roland Herrera’s selflessness, as he worked around the clock, filling sand bags, organizing groups to distribute them throughout Keizer, making personal calls to families in need, and being there for anyone who asked for his assistance. Roland was a valuable asset during this time of concern.

Finally, I appreciate Roland Herrera’s zest for life. I am sure his popularity has rubbed a few of his co-workers the wrong way, Being named Keizer First Citizen was great recognition for a man who bleeds McNary blue and loves the city of Keizer. His recent termination from his job with the city of Keizer ( after 19 years!), is a disappointing action. I hope the city of Keizer realizes the impact this has on our community. Roland Herrera does not deserve this!

Mike Maghan