To to Editor:

It’s a lousy time to ask for new taxes.

Nevertheless, I’m voting for the 911 fee.  The police have already cut.  One of the largest items in their budget is paying the 911 call center.  They can’t cut 911 service, so they’ve cut police officers to balance their budget.

Did you know Keizer Police doesn’t have any narcotics officers?  They used to have three school resource officers.  Now, they only have two.  The police union voted to not take a scheduled pay increase so they wouldn’t have more layoffs.

I’m for belt-tightening, but I also want to be safe.  If I call 911, I want that operator to send Keizer police right away.  If Keizer Police have to keep cutting, you might get a 911 operator on the first ring, but what good is that if you are fifth in line for help from the police when there are only three officers on duty?

Keizer has one of the lowest property tax rates in Oregon.  That’s a good thing. But a small monthly fee (less than $5) dedicated to paying for local 911 services is necessary, even in this tough economy.

I’m voting yes for the dedicated, local 911 fund.

Michael Kurtz