Of the Keizertimes

Still more reductions are likely for the 2012-13 Salem-Keizer School District budget, Superintendent Sandy Husk said Oct. 27 at the first of six scheduled budget committee meetings.

She and Michael Wolfe, assistant superintendent for finance, reviewed the recent financial history of the district, especially the sources of revenue. Wolfe pointed out that a little over 70 percent of the revenue comes from the state, and that 86 percent of the general fund goes for salaries and benefits for district employees.

Husk said that of the reductions from Feb. 3 through May 6, 72 percent were from reserves, 11 percent from direct instruction, 7 percent from support to students, 6 percent from central administration and 4 percent from employee concessions.

District officials provided handouts including several budget pie charts. The total budget for 2011-12 is $621,978,721. The general fund (main operating budget) is $340,970,127 (55 percent of the budget), the capital projects fund is $126,118,948 (20 percent), the internal service funds are $23,951,490 (4 percent), the special revenue funds are $78,848,873 (13 percent), the debt service fund for the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is $20,549,966 (3 percent), and the debt service fund for general obligation bonds is $31,539,317 (5 percent).

The capital projects, special revenue and debt service funds are restricted in that they must be specified by state or federal law or by the sources of the money.

Most of the general fund (66 percent) goes toward instruction of students, with 25 percent going toward direct support for students and 9 percent toward central administration.

Budgeting the general fund by category, 86 percent is spent on salaries, wages and benefits; 7 percent on purchased services; 3 percent on supplies and materials; and 4 percent on other funds.

Rick Kimball, chairman of the School Board, is also chairman of the budget committee. He and the other board members (Nancy MacMorris-Adix, Chris Brantley, Chuck Lee, Ron Jones, Jeff Faville and Jim Green) are ex officio members of the committee. Green was chairman of the committee last year, just before joining the board.  Other committee members are Betty Pataccoli, Annalivia Palazzo-Angulo, Doug Kotsy, Lloyd Chapman, Ron Daniels, Susan Ray and Todd Edgar.

The remaining budget committee meetings are scheduled for Nov. 29, Jan. 24, Feb. 28, March 20 and April 24, all at 6 p.m. at the Support Services Center, 2575 Commercial St. SE, Salem. Further information is available from Wendy Akins at (503) 399-3036.