Day: October 21, 2011

Wealth shouldn’t run government

A Box of Soap By DON VOWELL Sometimes an Op-Ed angers you enough that you can’t not respond.  Charles Krauthammer recently condemned President Obama for fanning the flames of the “villainy-of-the-rich” sentiment growing in our...

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Is 911 really in jeopardy?

To the Editor: Signs and literature urging Keizer taxpayers to vote yes on a fee on their water bill for public safety are very misleading.  Campaign signs indicate 911 will go away if the fee is not collected.  Flyers being...

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Public Safety Communications fee

To the Editor: Literature being distributed advocating Keizer taxpayers vote yes for another fee on their water bill for public safety found its way to my doorstep.  I certainly understand the passion of those who favor this new...

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Keizer is safe without new fee

To The Editor: We currently pay for fire and police through property tax assessments which we vote on through operating  levys. If the new tax on our water bill for the police and fire passes, we will lose control and...

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