Keizer and Salem residents can now report potholes, burned-out street lights, damaged sidewalks and more for free and anonymously at Included here are recent complaints.

We’re taking complaints and concerns about everything from broken streetlights to pesky bushes.  Shrubbery at a local business on Lancaster Drive NE made it hard to see around the corner while leaving Walmart.

But Mike Gotterba, spokesman for Salem Public Works, saw the post on our website and got it fixed before we could even report it to him.

“City of Salem Staff followed up and the property owner has trimmed the bushes back to where the view is unobstructed,” he posted on the site last week.

In Keizer, public works staff recently cleared obstructed traffic signs on Keizer Road NE and Verda Lane NE after residents sent us their observations.

In fairness to all parties involved, some issues are easier to fix than others. A broken streetlight is a simple repair, potholes are a bit more complicated. One complaint, asking for a redesign of the River Road-Broadway-Front Street triangle, would take years to fix. (Still a good idea though.)

To report a problem in your neighborhood visit

Other issues brought to our attention recently:

• Obstructed traffic signs on Keizer Road NE and Verda Lane NE.

• A traffic light at Lancaster Drive and Silverton Road NE that leaves drivers sitting for seven minutes in the early morning hours.