Day: August 15, 2011

Councilors send police fee to voters, delay fire annexation

Keizer voters will decide in November whether to pay a $4.86 monthly fee for public safety communications. The charter amendment would create a special fund for the revenue and prohibits the council from reducing general fund dollars for the Keizer Police Department. It would cost each household about $58 per year. “I’m very excited to see it move forward,” said Keizer Police Chief Marc Adams, whose agency stands to gain about $527,000 annually should it pass. “Without some kind of additional resources it’s going to be hard to maintain our level of services.” Adams said his agency could hire officers to fill four currently-frozen positions with the revenue. “I think the public’s going to support it,” he added. Mayor Lore Christopher and Councilor David McKane voted against the proposal, with the mayor saying she felt a telecom fee would be the more appropriate vehicle. “I think it raises too much money and completely leaves out 25 percent of people who are not paying one dime into 911… which is prepaid phones,” Christopher said. Councilor Jim Taylor felt the fee is most likely to pass muster with voters. “I think the telecommunications fee is dead in the water,” he said. This decision comes after an attempt to impose a cell phone tax was thwarted by fierce opposition from telecom companies and conservative activists from Americans for Prosperity. AFP has reportedly...

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“Beating the Odds: Eddie Brown’s Investing and Life Strategies”

“Beating the Odds: Eddie Brown’s Investing and Life Strategies” by Eddie Brown with Blair S. Walker c.2011, Wiley $27.95 / $33.95 Canada 207 pages, includes index   By TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Sell or stay?  Stay or sell? In times like these, when the market resembles a cheap yo-yo, you don’t know which to do. Should you sell your stocks before they drop further, or sit tight? Should you buy now that prices are down, or is that just throwing money away? The market’s a bear these days, which makes you madder than a bull.  But when you read “Beating the Odds” by Eddie Brown (with Blair Walker), you’ll be reminded that it’s always best to keep your sight on the light. Life for Eddie Brown did not start out well. Born to a 13-year-old unmarried mother, Brown was just two years old when she abandoned him to the care of her parents and older brother in Apopka, Florida. Her decision turned out to be a good one: Brown’s grandparents raised him right, taught him values, educated him, and his uncle taught him not to fear money. At age 14, Brown’s idyllic childhood came to an end. His beloved grandmother died on the way to Pennsylvania to visit Brown’s mother, who was trying to rekindle a relationship with her family. Shortly thereafter, Brown was sent to his mother’s house permanently, which...

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