To the Editor:

I am submitting this proposal to gain the support of veterans and citizens (and the City of Keizer) for year round recognition of our military veterans. Active, reserve, retired and previous veterans all served year round defending our nation.  Many return with injuries or the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, and others with great sacrifice to their families.  They deserve some year round recognition and social appreciation aside from one Veteran’s Day in November.

I am recommending that we provide at least one veteran’s parking space at every government, public and commercial parking area by voluntary cooperation. Parking in these spaces will require a DMV issued veteran’s license plate (from any state). The spaces will be marked as Veteran’s parking.

The signs and installation should cost approximately $75 each. I hope to gain business and organizational support to pay for the signs. I’m sure there will be volunteers to provide the installation work.

Local communities, city, county and government properties could designate at least one parking space to be signed for veteran’s parking. The same is true for any and all business and commercial properties. At first there will be no legislative statute to enforce the parking restriction statewide. However, cities and counties could draft local ordinances to provide enforcement.

There will be a web site developed to promote the concept and raise funds for signage and installations. Hopefully, we will see at least one veteran’s parking space at all public and private facilities to say “thank you” year round.

I would like the city of Keizer to be the first in the state to have a veteran’s parking space. My company: Northwest Commercial Real Estate Sales, Inc. will pay for the sign and installation at city hall, if approved. I can make myself available to discuss further.

Thank you for your consideration and patriotic support. I hope to see some of these signs in place by Veteran’s Day 2011.

John P. Rizzo