Day: July 15, 2011

Mayor’s vow to paint tower in 90 days called ‘unlikely’

When will the water tank welcome people to Keizer? Mayor Lore Christopher said the blank, white elevated storage tank alongside Interstate 5 would finally be marked with “Welcome to Keizer” within 90 days after councilors pressed city staff to get the ball rolling. Problem is the person who would be in charge of doing so says there’s “no way” he can meet that deadline. At the Keizer Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon Tuesday Christopher said an agreement between the city and the Oregon Utility Notification Center would allow the city a cost-free way to place the message on the water tank. Specifically the “Call Before You Dig” folks would put up the lettering in exchange for posting their 811 logo and message alongside the city’s message “I’ve had three businesses say we need the water tank,” Christopher said. “… Within 90 days the water tank will say ‘Welcome to Keizer.’” This came as a surprise to Public Works Director Rob Kissler, who said there’s “no way that lettering is getting up there in 90 days.” And City Manager Chris Eppley said that while he “appreciates the mayor’s enthusiasm, 90 days is probably a bit ambitious.” Kissler said he’d been approached by OUNC, saying the parties were “starting a process” that includes consultation with the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, who jointly own...

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Please watch for motorcycles

To the Editor: For everyone’s safety during the second year of Good Vibrations Motorcycle Rally in and around Salem and Keizer July 14-17, please watch for motorcycles. Hundreds of motorcycle riders will be riding to and from Salem and Keizer Station Shopping Center where the event is headquartered. Motorcycle participants will be traveling throughout the Willamette Valley during the event. When you’re driving a car you sometimes can’t see a motorcycle.  Their pipes are loud so you can hear them. You’ll probably hear a motorcycle before you see it. Don’t let it be too late. Please don’t meet a motorcycle participant by accident. Carol Infranca...

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Solve the debt crisis now

To the Editor: Hopefully by the time this letter is published the cooler heads in Congress and the administration will have resolved the debt ceiling “crisis” and moved on to squabbling about gay marriage, abortion rights or some other social issue that is none of their business.  But that’s hoping for change and so far it’s been a false hope. Today, as the debt ceiling debate stalled again, House Speaker John Boehner said, “The American people won’t stand for, and the House won’t vote for, increased taxes on the job creators.”  Which, of course, is pure BS (Boehner-speak). The American people by a rather large margin support an increase in taxes on those who make over $250,00 a year. If the House won’t vote for tax increases, it’s because Boehner is a lousy leader who can’t control his own caucus.  And who are these “job creators” anyway?  They’ve had low taxes since George the Lesser was appointed by the Supreme “Corp” and the resulting job creation has been far less than satisfying.  Boehner must be referring to the defense contractiors who created his job and of course the plutocrats who create swell jobs for pool boys, golf caddies, jet pilots and yacht captains.  I should also mention the bankers who are creating jobs as we speak for fraud investigators but that’s a topic for another letter. Martin Doerfler...

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