Day: July 8, 2011

Filbert Orchard Agreement

To the Editor: We pay Chris Eppley, Keizer city manager, handsomely to make good decisions. In my opinion he did just that when entering into an agreement with a local farmer to take care of a filbert orchard that the city was about to purchase. When fully explained, his action makes perfectly good sense to me. I believe the people who objected did not know all the facts. Many times people make judgments knowing only some of the facts and not all of the facts, myself included. The important fact was the city could not enter into a formal contract to rent something it did not own. This was verified by the League of Oregon Cities legal counsel. Although the farmer will most likely make a profit, he could also suffer a loss. Sometimes in business you make the best deal you can at that time. It is easy to say, “Could have, would have, should have,” in hindsight. Bill Quinn...

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