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Hot Box Babes is a hair salon, not a…

Turns out it gets attention if you put up the words “Hot and “Babes” in bright pink on a sign in Keizer’s main thoroughfare.

It got ours, which is why we stopped in a few weeks ago.

Since then we’ve gotten several calls, and we’re told the city has too, openly wondering about that adult shop, or “lingerie modeling” studio, or whatever-it-is-but-it-isn’t-good.

Let us put that rumor to rest: It’s a hair salon, nothing more, nothing less.

An adult-oriented entertainment business would have a hard time in the Iris Capital. Keizer has extreme restrictions on that sort of thing: It has to be at least 1,000 feet from a school, church park or the BOUNDARY of a residential zone. Not a house or a yard, just the boundary of any land zoned residential.

As a former city councilor put it, the only place a strip club is going in Keizer anytime soon is the middle of the Willamette River.

Given that Oregon’s constitution protects lap dances as freedom of expression, whether Keizer’s regulations would withstand legal challenge is debatable.

But it serves as a strong disincentive.

– Jason Cox

City Council meets only once in July

The Keizer City Council will only meet once in July.

Meetings set for July 5 and July 18 have been cancelled, replaced by a single July 11 meeting starting at 6 p.m., one hour earlier than usual.

So far the only listed agenda item is a public hearing for a sidewalk local improvement district on Hornet Court.

– Jason Cox

FBI Citizens’ Academy coming

Applications are now available for the program, which kicks off Oct. 5. Applications are due Friday, August 19.

Participants are required to attend six evening sessions and one weekday, and must pass a background check.

Sessions show how the FBI operates, investigating crimes and national security threats and the tools used.

For more see

– Jason Cox