Day: May 27, 2011

Changes to shake up Keizer dining

Reporter’s Notebook is a new feature in the Keizertimes. Here our writers and editors will offer a glimpse behind the headlines to stories and issues bubbling just below the surface. Porter’s Pub, AJ’s Hideaway and Tuff Ranch BBQ all have or will soon have new owners, liquor license applications submitted to the city of Keizer indicate. • Tuff Ranch BBQ is set to be bought by DSZ, LLC. The owner listed for the company is David Zahradnik. Former owners are John Carter and Alaina Santana. It will be renamed McNary Restaurant and Lounge, serving American fare. • AJ’s Hideaway, 5048 River Road N., seeks a change of ownership to LJRI, LLC. The company’s listed owner is Louis Risewick. Former owners are Pam and Andy Orcutt. The new owner told us he’s going to hold off on changes initially, but over time plans to be sports-oriented. • Porter’s Pub, at 4820 River Road N., is seeking a change of ownership to ETCNB, LLC. The owner listed for the company is Erik Frizelle. Former owner is Gigi Bremmeyer. – Jason Cox Got news that deserves a spot in the Notebook? Email or call our Tip Line at...

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MHS baseball, softball ousted from playoffs

Boys routed 10-1 by Grizzlies   By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes   It was going to be a grind no matter how they cut it. After surging to a play-in game win, the McNary High School varsity baseball team drew McMinnville High School (23-7), the No. 1 team out of the Pacific Conference, for the first round of the state playoff tournament Monday, May 23. The Celts fell 10-1 ousting the team from the playoff brackets. Missing their starting pitcher, McNary sent Justin Burgess to the mound and Burgess responded to the challenge keeping the Grizzlies scoreless through three innings. “Justin has been getting better and better throughout the season. He’s got tremendous natural ability, god velocity and a really good breaking ball, he just hasn’t had much experience,” said Larry Keeker, McNary head coach. When the Grizzlies unloaded for four runs in the fourth inning, Garren Robinett relieved Burgess to end the inning. Robinett struggled in the fifth and handed the ball off to DJ Harryman as the Grizzlies doubled their lead to 8-0. Harryman and Travis Marks held McMinnville to two runs in the sixth, and the Celtics scraped out their only run in the top of the seventh. McNary won, 11-4, a play-in game with Glencoe High School Tuesday, May 17, to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Glencoe scored two runs in the first...

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Newt wrong to back down

By ROLAND S. MARTIN If Newt Gingrich was planning to send GOP voters a message that he’s a different kind of politician who won’t just say anything to get elected, he did a horrible job of driving that point home this week. After making a so-called verbal gaffe on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday regarding radical changes to Medicare, as proposed by congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Newt was on the defensive, apologizing, backtracking and groveling to any Republican or conservative radio show host who would take his call. Instead of trying to blame the media for twisting his words, Gingrich should man up and defend his assessment of the Ryan proposal. It has gotten so bad that Newt is now suggesting he wasn’t even talking about Ryan’s Medicare plan, even though the “Meet the Press” transcript says that they discussed Medicare reform. Host David Gregory said: “But not what Paul Ryan is suggesting, which is completely changing Medicare.” Now before his lips began to do the backstroke, Newt said: “What you want to have is a system where people voluntarily migrate to better outcomes, better solutions, better options, not one where you suddenly impose it. I am against Obamacare imposing radical change, and I would be against a conservative imposing radical change.” Ryan’s plan calls for Medicare to be replaced by a voucher system, so seniors could purchase...

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Iris runners beat the streets, pack

Oregon runners turned out in droves for the four running events that take place during the Iris Festival. In the KIDZ 3K, Simon Smith took first with a time of 12:42:2 for the boys. For the girls, Ginger Clark topped the podium with a time of 16:10:9 In the Iris 5K run, Chris McIsaac, 23, took first with a time of 15.44:8 for the men. Tonya Lutz, 34, placed first in the women’s division with a time of 18:26.4. Raille Wilson, 38, ran the the Iris 10K in 35:56 and was crowned the overall winner of the race and his division, males ages 35-39. David Clark, Gabino Oropeza, Phil Crock, John Gallagher, Bruce Thede, Marvin Gladden, Matt Drahn, Jim Sears, Daniel Moore, Devin Perez, Dennis Holm, and Ron Larsen won their respective divisions. Stephanie Robins, 26, finished the 10K race in 43:04 to take top prize for the women. Denise Coomes, Teresa George, Stacey Janesofsky, Karisa Thede, Emily Coates, Kiana Rasubala, Arika Howell, Debbie Crosby, Cynthia Wagner, Sharyn Fetrow and Pamela Ewing won their respective divisions. Mark Rich, 49, topped the podium in the half-marathon with a time of 1:16:49. Men’s division winners were: Maruin Klopfenstein, Kyle Kuhns, Tom Box, Ray Adamic, Mike Water, Dan Schlottmann and  Colton Daniels. Mariko Yokote, 34, was the overall women’s winner in the half-marathon with a time of 21:26:49. Division winners were: Karyn...

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