Day: May 9, 2011

“Wicked Bugs” by Amy Stewart

“Wicked Bugs” by Amy Stewart c.2011, Algonquin $18.95 / $22.95 Canada 288 pages   You had some little visitors this morning at breakfast, and they weren’t exactly welcome. To begin with, they had terrible manners. They weren’t polite enough to ring the doorbell before they barged in and they didn’t even wait for you to sit down before they started eating. So, because you never invited them to breakfast in the first place, you either gently ushered them out the door or you killed them. What’s bugging you?  Find out – if you dare – by reading the new book “Wicked Bugs” by Amy Stewart. Want to feel superior?  Then think about this: you are much smarter than the ants, spiders, and beetles that live and lurk near your house. You outweigh them by a lot and you’re way bigger than they are. And bigger means stronger, right? “If only that were true,” says Stewart. “In fact, insects have changed the course of history. They have halted soldiers in their tracks. They have driven farmers off their land. They have devoured cities and forests, and inflicted pain, suffering, and death upon hundreds of millions.” In this book, she writes about them. Take, for instance, bees, hornets and wasps. Getting stung is an annoyance (at best) and a life-or-death matter (at worst), so imagine dealing with an entire nest of...

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Big box measure may return in ‘12

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes A ballot measure that failed by less than 40 votes may come back to voters in 2012. Representatives from Keep Keizer Livable, the organization that backed the measure, told the Keizertimes that “you can certainly watch for another big box proposal in the 2012 election,” and the group could also back one or more Keizer City Council candidates in 2012. The mayoral chair and three council positions – those currently held by David McKane, Brandon Smith and Mark Caillier – are up for election that year. The group didn’t specify whom might be targeted. “Where we lost by 34 votes we could very easily win by 20 percent in 2012,” said Jeff Anderson, a Keep Keizer Livable member. He’s also secretary-treasurer of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555, a labor union that contributed heavily to Keep Keizer Livable’s efforts to restrict retail buildings larger than 65,000 square feet to the currently-developed portion of Keizer Station. Anderson said he expects more attention paid to Keizer from all levels of political campaigns due to the group’s...

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