Lucy McAvoy

Of the Keizertimes

Lucy McAvoy might be willing to face down some of the producers of American Idol, but she still gets nervous at the prospect of singing in front of her father.

“I taught myself to play guitar and I write a lot of my own stuff, but then I don’t do anything with it,” McAvoy said. “That was kind of the point of doing the Idol audition, it was my opportunity to see if it was the industry I want to be in and what the next steps would be.”

McAvoy attended a modeling and acting audition two weeks ago in Florida and made the most of her time by tacking on an audition at the American Idol Experience in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.

She managed to secure one of the final audition times of the day, but was told not to expect very much.

“The person I talked to said it gets harder to get in later in the day because the director has certain things he’s looking for,” she said. “I was really nervous, I got really cold and started to shake. I was freaking out, but as soon as the music started, I was fine.”

Her performance of Katy Perry’s Firework was enough to get the director’s attention and he sent her along to the producers, where she performed Breakaway by Idol original Kelly Clarkson.

“It was dream of mine to perform that song on an Idol stage,” McAvoy said. It also got her through to the live show at the park with audiences voting for her performances alongside two other contestants.

While she didn’t make it to the final round that might have lead to an opportunity to try out for the actual FOX show, she did receive unexpected encouragement to keep trying.

“After the show, one of the producers came up and told me I need to be singing because I can go somewhere with it,” McAvoy, 17, said.

She eventually received a callback for a potential modeling gig, but it’s the potential to move forward in music that has her most excited.

“I like acting because I like being able to step back and get away from everything in my life, but you can lose yourself for what other people want you to be. My music is the place where I can be myself,” McAvoy said.

The one thing she discovered in the process of the audition was just how much effort – and confidence – it’s going to take to be successful.

“I would need to get myself out there,” McAvoy, a junior at Salem Academy, said. “There’s different websites where you can do covers or independent songs and build a fanbase. I need to put things out there and see how people respond.”

McAvoy is the daughter of Marc and Susie McAvoy of Keizer.