Day: April 11, 2011

Major crimes strain police budget

  By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes When a major crime happens in Keizer, the city’s police captain said this week, “We’re going to spend the resources” necessary. It’s the more everyday kind of crimes, a department lieutenant says, that could see less scrutiny if current budget trends continue the way they are. “We get burglaries, we get frauds, we get familial abuse cases, we get the whole range of things coming our way,” said Lt. John Troncoso. “And we have to prioritize those. … There are some we can’t put off very well. But property crimes are going to take a backseat to a homicide. No question.” Where residents might see the new reality is in response to those common crimes. And after holding off personnel cuts by reducing training and materials costs, and keeping vacant positions open, “all possibilities are on the table,” said Capt. Jeff Kuhns, although he noted the budget the chief plans to recommend doesn’t include layoffs. “Everything’s going to be discussed. We’re just at the tip of the iceberg.” The police department has held two town halls recently asking the public what they want out of Keizer Police. Another set for April 29 is tentatively set to discuss funding what citizens want. And a study released last year by the League of Oregon Cities showed Keizer ranked 112th out of 123 Oregon city police...

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Ripp honored for a worthy effort

McNary High School sophomore Ryan Ripp was honored last week for his efforts introducing a bill that would limit protests outside funerals. Ripp was given the Director’s Coin by Jim Willis, director of the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs. “Getting coined” by a ranking member of the military service is a sign of respect and thanks for a job well done. Coin presentations are a rare occurrence. Ripp was presented with the coin in front of the House of Representatives at the Capitol on Thursday, March 31. “Ryan did a great job testifying in front of the committee and impressed Director Willis, who wanted to honor his effort,” said Tom Mann, public information manager at...

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