Day: April 8, 2011

Second Rite Aid pharmacy robbery in two weeks

A Friday night robbery at Keizer’s Rite Aid pharmacy is the second in two weeks. It’s “possible” Friday night’s incident and the March 31 robbery are connected, said Keizer Police Lt. Alan McCowan, but “further investigation is needed.” A man walked into the store at 6:55 p.m. Friday, April 8, handing a note to the pharmacist. No one was hurt, and he didn’t display a weapon, said Keizer Police Lt. Alan McCowan. Police are still seeking the suspect. The March 31 robbery was similar in nature. Anyone with information is asked to call Keizer Police at 503-390-3713....

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Paul Ryan’s ideas

By time you read this newspaper Congress and the Obama administration could have come to an agreement on the 2011 fiscal budget.  Or not. The fiscal year ends on September 1. By time you read this the federal government could be shut down due to a lack of an agreement. There are fingers of blame pointing in every direction for not having a budget agreement in place.  Some blame Congressional Republicans; others blame President Obama. Into this mix comes Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan (R) with a wide-ranging spending plan that would cut more than $4 trillion from the national budget over the next ten years.  At least Rep. Ryan is offering ideas that will get people talking seriously about how our government is funded. Ryan’s plan is ambitious.  It would reshape Medicare as we know it.  It would repeal the health care reform legislation known in some cirlces as Obamacare.  There would be strict caps on government spending; the plan also includes billions and billions of dollars of cuts for domestic programs.  No new taxes are called for in the plan, which excites Republicans and conservatives. Paul Ryan’s plan would overhaul the way the federal government is run and funded. While Obama and Congressional Republicans haggle over whether to cut $33 billion or $61 billion from this year’s budget, Ryan has presented a plan that cuts trillions of dollars...

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Lady Celts win one, lose one

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Sherwood High School’s batters struggled against McNary’s pitching staff in a softball  Friday, April 1, and the Celts made them pay as they picked up a win in a 10-0, six-inning game. “Jordyn Hanson pitched five innings and then Nicolette Wise pitched her first inning and took them down 1-2-3 in the sixth,” said Jeff Auvinen, McNary head coach. McNary’s struggles to reignite its batters after standout early performances seemed to be a thing of the past in the 12-hit Sherwood outing. “It seemed to come around in the Sherwood game,” said Tiffany Kottek, who went two for four with two runs batted in. “We had a lot of good hits and we were all in motion. We creamed the ball and had a lot of good base running.” Olivia Yarbrough went three for four and Hailey Decker and Lauren Ronning chalked up doubles in the game. “We put the ball in play a little more, but it would be nice to start ripping the ball as a group,” Auvinen said. “That league season with only 15 games is going to go pretty quick.” McNary struggled to achieve the same sort of hit production in a game with Aloha High School Wednesday, March 30, that ended in a 2-1 loss. “Our bats weren’t on, but we had pretty good defense,” said Lady...

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Shutting down the government

By ROSS DAY You may not realize it yet, but the federal government is on the verge of shutting itself down because lawmakers in Congress and the president cannot agree on a final budget.  The funny thing is that the United States Congress (and the President) have not had a budget since 2009.  Beginning in 2009, the Congress passed a series of “continuing resolutions” – or stop-gap measures intended to keep the government “open” – while the Congress and the president worked out a final budget plan. Now, the president has said “no more continuing resolutions,” which means that without a final budget deal by today, the federal government is going to shut its doors. Why has President Obama suddenly decided against signing any more continuing resolutions, when he has been approving these temporary spending measures since 2009?  The answer: politics. From 2009 until the beginning of 2011, the Democrats (President Obama’s party) controlled both houses of the Congress.  If the government shut down, it would make the President and the Congress look bad.  So the president and the Congress continued to pass continuing resolutions to avoid looking bad to the American electorate. Now that Republicans control the House of Representatives, the President and his advisors are hoping that in the event of a government shut down, the public will point the finger of blame at the Republicans.  Just...

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