Day: April 4, 2011

Higher-than-budgeted revenues from civic center

They’re moving money around at Keizer City Hall, but staff said it’s a result of a good thing. About $60,900 in more-than-budgeted revenues from the Keizer Civic Center will be applied towards repaying the city’s Transportation fund along with paying additional costs for on-site personnel. To be precise $40,900 will go towards repaying the transportation fund while $10,000 will be put towards personnel services. More in Friday’s...

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Developer owes taxpayers $400k+

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Several Keizer Station landowners are a combined $416,000 behind in debt payments to the city of Keizer. Chuck Sides, one of the original Keizer Station developers, is part-owner of three parcels owing back debt, and said he has an agreement to make payment on behalf of the other two. In total, five parcels owned by four companies are in arrears on local improvement district (LID) debt. One parcel is controlled by K-Village LLC and two more by Northwest National LLC, both firms Sides holds at least a partial interest in. The other two are owned jointly by Rawlins Investment Properties and Rawlins Real Estate – Rich Rawlins and Associates. Both Sides and a Rawlins representative said an agreement is in place whereby Sides pays the LID debt on those two properties. None of the land is developed. Payments on the Rawlins properties had been made current prior to the February assessment; some of the outstanding debt on other properties goes back to August 2010. Sides said he’s looking to sell property to make the back payments. He acknowledged the late payments, saying “money doesn’t grow in thin air.” “You literally bet the farm every time you do a project,” Sides added. “That’s the nature of development.” Local improvement districts are typically created to build or update infrastructure, like roads or streetlights. In this...

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Still no arrests in McNary gun case

Police are awaiting DNA results as part of an investigation into why a gun was found in a McNary High School lost-and-found bin last November. Since its discovery officers learned it was stolen, but no arrests have been made, said Keizer Police  Capt. Jeff Kuhns. Police aren’t saying whether they know who brought it on campus. “The case is still being investigated at this time,” Kuhns said, while acknowledging two homicides in 2011 along with a spate of robberies late in 2010 have taken a lot of police time. “The lead detective is having some DNA tests performed at the Oregon State Crime Laboratory, and is awaiting those results.” Anyone with information, particularly students wishing to remain confidential, are encouraged to call 503-856-3529. On November 8, 2010, a physical education teacher found a 9-millimeter Taurus handgun inside a backpack that was in a lost-and-found bin, along with two fully-loaded clips and a box of ammunition. Police aren’t aware of any threats associated with the handgun, Keizer Police Capt. Jeff Kuhns said. Kuhns said detectives are focusing on the theft of the handgun, people with opportunity to steal it, and its “subsequent discovery at McNary High School three days later.” On Tuesday, Nov. 9, a handgun was reported stolen from the 5300 block of River Road N., and officers concluded the stolen gun was the one found at the school....

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