To the Editor:

Rep. Kim Thatcher introduced House Bill  2792 in the legislature.  It’s a bill to let nonresidents use their out-of-state concealed handgun permits in Oregon.  Supporters claim it’s just like honoring another state’s driver’s license on Oregon highways.

You can believe that if you’re willing to share the highway with untrained 13 year-olds who’ve never been in heavy traffic. That’s because a Washington resident can get a concealed handgun permit without handgun safety training, a Texan can get one three years earlier than an Oregonian, and a North Carolinian can’t take his concealed weapon into bars, sporting events, or public events like demonstrations or parades.

Driver’s license reciprocity works because it is conditioned on comparable licensing requirements and is governed by an interstate agreement on enforcement.    Oregon’s handgun requirements are there for a reason and Rep. Thatcher shouldn’t be undermining them.

Kathleen Pool