Day: March 18, 2011

24-314 campaign had an impact

To the Editor: We’d like to take a minute to thank all of the people who worked on both sides of the campaign for Measure 24-314 – the measure to limit big box stores in Keizer to Area A of Keizer Station.  Although the measure failed by around 34 votes, over 8,000 people voted, nearly 32 percent more than ever before in a special election in Keizer.  We had the opportunity to talk to a lot of our neighbors, made new friends and had hundreds of discussions and debates.  We’ve been a part of our great political process and have demonstrated what our forefathers learned years ago – a few people with an idea that resonates can impact a community. What’s changed and what’s next?  We’ve heard from our local leaders that there is an intention to “do business differently” – to “be more open and listening.”  We hope they fulfill that promise into the future.  We hope that many of the people who were part of this campaign will stay engaged in local discussions and speak out and share their ideas.  We hope that next time there’s the opportunity to volunteer to serve our community on local boards or commissions, many people step forward.  In the meantime, we have an office to clean out and signs to collect and clean up for the next campaign.  We’ll continue to...

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