Oregonians watched in horror as the scenes played out on televison of tsunami waves obliterating villages in northern Japan.  The tsunami was caused by the biggest earthquake every to hit Japan.  Now that country—and Pacific nations—must contend with the ongoing crisis at the nuclear power plants there.

The harbor at Brookings-Harbor, Oregon was affected by the tsunami, causing more than a million dollars of damage.

Events in Japan should be a reminder for us in Keizer that a natural or a man-made disaster can hit at any time.  That’s why every family should have an emergency kit in place and an emegency plan the entire family knows.

It is relatively inexpensive to put together an emergency kit—water, non-perishable food, batteries, blankets, warm clothes, pet food…and cash.  If the power goes out there will be no working ATMs or credit card machines to retrieve money from.

No one wants to think about a disaster that could change everything in a heartbeat, but as the earthquakes in the western Pacific and the tsunamis in Japan and in Indonesia a few years ago show, no one knows when it might happen.