To the Editor:

Was it simply a waste of time and money?

During the past few weeks I have witnessed a process in the City of Keizer that has opened my eyes to what I think are some unfortunate conditions.

I begin with a vote of confidence to our Mayor and City Council for their patience and obvious dedication they exhibit spending long hours working for the City and the people they serve.  We are fortunate to have them.

I offer the same vote of confidence to the organizers of the “Keep Keizer Livable” for the long hours they put in to exercise their American duty to speak out for the principles they hold dear.  They are a great example to the millions of complacent Americans sitting at home watching TV and complaining about……whatever.

Speaking of patience, thanks to the developer for “hanging in there” as the city scrambled, and scrambled, and scrambled to complete considerations for a requested amendment to the Master Plan for Keizer Station, a simple request for a physical change that began this unfortunate process so very long ago.  We appreciate your investment in our community.  We look forward to seeing Keizer Station reach its full and best potential, bringing lots of tax dollars, jobs, rents and profits.

Last, but not least- the citizens of Keizer need to be commended for their patience during the hours and hours of waiting and listening and waiting and asking and listening and speaking and listening and waiting for the City to finally act on the motion to approve the “Text Amendment”.  The citizens kept their collective cool as the council and the staff navigated a long list of business items that effectively kept the public waiting HOURS as reports were read, various legal issues discussed and analyzed, some related to the amendment and some not.  City regulations were discussed, argued, questioned; lawyers told the council that “no matter what was discussed” the public couldn’t change the amendment unless they could find error in the process, or the text, as approved.

So, the Amendment passes, the initiative fails and the developer moves forward to develop… something… with a BIG BOX in it.  Wasted are thousands of dollars in salaries for legal teams, expert witnesses, city staff, initiative election and initiative promotions lost.  Keizer citizens were seen as barking up an empty tree…

The winner is the city.  They got what they wanted while the citizens are neutered in their attempt to ask for a voice in protection of their neighborhoods from the “BIG BOX” intrusion.

Whether you agree with the issue or not, the process was disappointing.

Gary Blake