To the Editor:

As a guy who moved from the Midwest and has witnessed the devastation Wal-Mart delivered to small towns and the manufacturing industry by buying up companies, closing down plants and shipping jobs to the People’s Republic of China, it makes me wonder how “patriotic” some of the people in Keizer are.

Do you not realize that Wal-Mart has an average markup of 20,000 percent on their items? They reported their seventh straight quarter of losses. They can’t compete with the dollar stores, because the dollar stores only have a 90 percent mark up and for Wal-Mart’s prices to suddenly dip people would start to wonder why they were paying so much all along.

I’m a fiscal conservative, not one of those fans of the corporatocracy that runs America now.

If it is Wal-Mart that comes in Keizer will be downgraded to Lancaster Road quality.

Jonathan Boys