Day: March 4, 2011

Letter writer has fuzzy logic

To the Editor: I couldn’t let the fuzzy logic of Mr. Jerry McGee’s letter (To the Editor, Keizertimes, Feb. 25)pass without comment.  He claims that the council and Planning Commission listened to the citizens but didn’t agree with them. The special election will prove or disprove that statement.  Here’s a proposal:  If the measure passes, the mayor and everybody on the council who voted for the text amendment agree to not run for re-election.  If the measure fails, you get your WalMart.  Deal? Mr. McGee also states that if you don’t want a big box store you must want 13 undeveloped acres, as if those are the only choices.  Actually there’s a third choice he’s conveniently forgotten:  The original development as planned, pre text amendment. The people will have the final say on March 8th.  Can we all agree to let that be the end of it? J. Patric Mears...

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Measure title is too confusing

To the Editor: True to form, ballot measure 24-314 is confusing. Change or prohibit?  Which is it?  It is like talking out of both sides of your mouth. Make it simple and you would need pages to explain it. Check one: I do not want the big box. I do want the big box. Anne Johnson...

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Cops draw a crowd at first town hall

Police – and why cops cost what they do – was the topic of a well-attended town hall at the Keizer Civic Center on Saturday, Feb. 26. Displays on hand outlined the cost of equipping both a police car and its driver, and city officials took input on just how much police protection Keizerites want. Chief H. Marc Adams outlined what departmental divisions do, including patrol, traffic safety, detectives and administration. He also took questions on why the department does things the way it does, including an inquiry on why the department uses motorcycles for traffic patrol, given the state’s rainy climate. “Because they can go places cars can’t,” Adams said, adding they burn less gas and seem to inspire compliance. In addition, Officer Eric Jefferson said icy roads are usually the only treacherous conditions for bikes. When asked about rising public pension and benefit costs, Adams said the department’s hands are virtually tied because the police officers’ union is banned from striking, and as such both parties must go by a set arbitration process. Patrol, he said, “is the number one thing we have to take care of. “No police department can exceed the proficiency of its patrol unit,” Adams said. “If they’re not doing it, we’re no good.” Shifts for patrol run from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. Adams, noting the department...

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