To the Editor:

There are certainly many conversations, messages, and hype directed at measure 24-314 which Keizer residents may agree or disagree with through their vote. From the start, I have been torn by this issue and wonder how this decision will impact my personal and work life. How we decide will serve as a message and not necessarily as what will happen with Keizer’s opportunity for future commerce. Nobody wants to see lost jobs or opportunities.

Our city and our country are experiencing a very polarized time. As we judge issues, trends, and regulations we must address intended and unintended consequences. Our leaders need to hear directly from local sources and we as citizens need to have faith in our government.

Trust me, I’ve experienced and tried to listen and take back something good from all. My saving grace to the controversy is knowledge that I can choose first to vote with my pocket book and I encourage all Keizer residents to follow course. If we spend our dollars locally first the outcome of Measure 24-314 will not matter.

Christine Dieker