Finally, ballot measure 24-314 is in the hands of every registered voter in Keizer.  This past year I joined several residents going door to door to discuss constructing a retail building in excess of 65,000 square feet in Keizer or restricting them to Keizer Station Area A.

Seven out of 10 residents I talked with supported placing this measure on the ballot.

Keizer residents should be aware of some fact and fiction as they make their decision on which way to vote for this measure.

1. Traffic increases in the immediate area for Lockhaven Drive and Chemawa Ave. have not been properly addressed. An increase from 4,200 to 7,200 vehicle trips per day is projected for the large format retailer alone. Additional traffic of an undetermined volume will be added for the balance of the development. I believe the total increase in traffic will overwhelm the main streets leading to the development and seriously increase traffic on neighborhood streets feeding Lockhaven and Chemawa.

2. Crime will increase in the area surrounding the development. Regardless of the amount of crime currently in the area – it will increase.

3. The overwhelming need for a discount grocer in Keizer is a myth. The developer has repeatedly used a survey of Keizer residents as proof of that need. I believe the survey was biased and conducted by the developer to demonstrate a need for a discount grocer. Reasonably priced and often discounted groceries are available to the citizens of Keizer at several stores within or next to the city limits. A discount grocer is available within 5-6 miles for all Keizer residents if they so desire.

The voter’s pamphlet mailed with every ballot contains an argument that churches and community centers would be limited by this measure. This is absolutely false! Churches and community centers are not retail! Josh Wells wrote another argument in opposition. Mr. Wells states that the intent of the measure is to also limit other large buildings from being built in Keizer, like schools, churches and community centers. Again this is absolutely false! Schools, churches and community centers are not retail!

Don’t be fooled by false or misleading information about this measure. Let’s keep the big box stores in Area A and not next to our Keizer neighborhoods. Vote yes on Measure 24-314.

Steve Templar lives in Keizer.