“As a commission we really tried to focus on the overall master plan and not any specific rumors of who might be in some of those buildings.”
– Albert Castaneda, Planning Commissioner

“Today if we had that three-story (mixed use) building fully leased we still probably couldn’t finance it.”
– Alan Roodhouse, RPS Development

“Making decisions based on criteria instead of populist demands is difficult.”
– Wendie Kellington, Developer attorney

“With this large of a store, I think you’re going to have considerably more traffic issues than are being realized at this point.”
– Sandi King

“It’s true that change can be disruptive, but without it we can’t have progress.”
– Eric Meurer

“Has there been a community retail impact review done by the city? … Or are we just supposed to believe the land developer?”
– Carol Doerfler

“The Council doesn’t have the latitude to say, ‘Oh we changed our mind and we’re not going to allow anything over 10,000 square feet.’ That decision has been made.”
– Nate Brown, Comm. Dev. Director

“Let the people voice their desires by waiting for the results of this election and then act on the plans for Area C.  Otherwise, it seems obvious that the desires of the developer are more important than the desires of the citizens who elected you into your positions.”
– Rhonda Rich

“Would you want your neighbors and the rest of the city to be able to vote on what you do with that property after you’ve applied?”
– Shannon Johnson, City Attorney

“We believe this plan will ignite living wage job possibilities (and) will generate additional customers for River Road businesses.”
– Rich Duncan, Keizer Chamber president

“It seems there’s no pleasing them unless development is stopped. Period.”
– Letter from former Councilor Jacque Moir

“You are being perceived … as ramrodding this through against the will of the citizens.”

– Daniel Evans