The West Keizer Neighborhood Association (WKNA) is one of two active neighborhood associations in Keizer. The area represented by the Association is bounded by the center of River Road on the east, the Willamette River on the west, the Keizer city limits on the south, and Chemawa Road on the north. The membership includes 3,119 households in the attendance area of Cummings Elementary School in the city of Keizer. The association is led by seven board members with a variety of talents and interests who serve the West Keizer citizens.

The WKNA promotes programs, services and activities aimed at encouraging connections among neighbors and fostering civic involvement in our community.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live in West Keizer.  WKNA solicits input from its residents and stakeholders about issues that affect them, provides information and facilitates discussion to help them arrive at informed and educated conclusions, and seeks to influence decisions that are made by the City of Keizer or other agencies concerning these issues. In order to fulfill our mission this year we will need the continued enthusiasm of our membership for our community, good leaders that lead, and City Council and City Staff support.

Last year, in an effort to beautify and identify the Palma Ciea Villa development, a project of making and installing new wooden signs was suggested by member Carol Doerfler. The project was lead by 2010 Vice President Gary Blake who carved the signs, and was assisted by board members Eric Duran and Erick Peterson. On Aug. 27, the signs were unveiled at the intersection of Cummings Lane North, and Shoreline Dr. North. and Delight St. North and Dearborn Ave. North.

One of our goals for 2011 is to get an even better turnout at our meetings.  While we focus on addressing concerns or problems that arise and keeping members informed about civic issues and developments, we also have a lot of fun at our meetings, including at our annual barbecue in June. We even had a “boat float” in the Iris Parade last year. Coming to our meetings is a great way to get to know neighbors, make some new friends and get involved with your community. We are always looking for ideas from our membership to enhance the neighborhood we live in. Follow WKNA on Facebook (West Keizer Neighborhood Assocation) or email us at

Rhonda Rich is president of WKNA.