The Gubser Neighborhood Association (GNA) was organized for several reasons; communication on current events and issues affecting our neighborhood was the main focus.

Over the years we have had city leaders speak to us. Those pro and con to ballot measures present their causes. Authors of books, and city council amendments share their work.  Relevant community project creation and updates are only as effective as those neighbors who participate. The GNA is important to keep the information updated, relevant, and flowing.

Our biggest success was last year was coming together with the West Keizer neighborhood Association during the Iris festival parade in a show of unity.

Generating new support and interest remains a challenge for the neighborhood association as a whole. I want an average of twenty participants at each meeting to share ideas on how to improve the neighborhood as a whole and participate in a show of neighborhood pride. The Gubser Neighborhood Association can extend into the Clearlake and North Keizer. Initially the boundaries were River Rd, / Lockhaven/ McCloud. As Keizer has grown the need for community input is more important than ever.

We need people interested in sharing ideas on how to improve the community and maintain what already works.

Allen Prell is president of GNA.