Day: February 17, 2011

KKL initiative

To the Editor: In her state of the city address – delivered to the local business lobby – not to the public at large, Mayor Christopher opined that the fix is in. Even if measure 24-314 passes she says, land use “goal post” rules will still permit the building of a 100 thousand plus square foot retail store in Keizer station area C. Ironic that her honor should mention goal posts since moving them was exactly what city government did when they changed the rules governing mixed use development to allow the proposed “big box” in area C. The mayor claims, and legal minds seem to agree, that passage of the initiative will only prohibit the building of other mega footprint retail stores outside of area C – say along River Road. Councilor Cathy Clark, in an August 2010 letter to the KT, says 24-314’s passage would not allow another development like Keizer Village (Goodwill – Platinum etc.) on River Road. And that’s a bad thing? One Keizer Village is okay, but build a few more like it and what do you have? Lancaster Drive – South Commercial? I would urge a yes vote on 24-314 if for no other reason than to show that you care about your town and what its gateway says to the passing world. Paraphrasing David Byrne, our values are right there beside the...

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