Day: February 14, 2011

Clear Lake says ‘No Thanks’ to bullying

Whether it’s physical, social or verbal, bullying can have a detrimental effect on a school climate. Clear Lake students got a lesson in saying no to bullying on Friday, Jan. 28, when Joseph Savage of Soul Shoppe, an organization that offers learning and life skills programming to school communities, stopped by to chat with students. “Bullying is not who a person is and we can choose to act differently,” Savage said. Using interactive videos and and a large red balloon, Savage explained that bullies are often acting out as a result of other factors in their life. “Their balloon gets filled with the bad things happening in their life and bullying is one way they let the air out,” he said. During the course of the presentation, Savage offered options for those who feel they are or are becoming bullies and solutions for those who are being...

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Thatcher optimistic about split House

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes For Keizer’s state representative, what will be the difference between a split Oregon House of Representatives in 2011 and the Democratic control she’s been used to? “We will matter this time,” Rep. Kim Thatcher, R – Keizer, said with a laugh. While Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley fell short in his bid for the statehouse, Republicans made enough gains in the house to go from a two-fifths minority to a 30-30 split with Democrats. The two-fifths distinction is important because it gave Democrats a “supermajority” of 60 percent allowing them to pass bills without a single Republican vote. Thatcher hasn’t been part of a majority or even-split party since she was first elected in 2004. Under the split, the legislature elected co-speakers: Democrats picked Arnie Roblan, D – Coos Bay and Republicans offered up Rep. Bruce Hanna of Roseburg. With the new alignment Republicans have more committee representation, including Thatcher’s first co-chair position on the Joint Committee on Legislative Audits, Information Management and Technology. She’s also going to be on the House Ways and Means Committee and the Human Services Subcommittee. Lawmakers return to Salem staring down the barrel of a gun loaded with financial challenges. The most recent reports indicate nearly a $3 billion gap between expected revenues and anticipated spending. “It’s basically what they would like to spend versus what they’re...

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