Of the Keizertimes

A probable cause statement released Friday states Peter Zielinski told a detective he shot his wife amid suspicion she was having an affair.

Released by Marion County, the document states Zielinski was crying when he called dispatch from the Keizer Police Department at 7:12 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12, to say his wife, Lisa Zielinski, 38, needed an ambulance “and he himself needed help,” according to Det. Vaughn Edsall. He would go on to say “I don’t know what I did,” the statement reads.

Peter Zielinski, 39, was arraigned Thursday in Marion County Circuit Court on one count of murder. His next court date is Jan. 31.

According to the statement, Peter Zielinski “suspected, generally, that his wife was having an affair” and a discussion “with some degree of intensity” had taken place in the home’s bathroom after she returned home early on the morning of Jan. 12.

Peter Zielinski “suspected that she was at the apartment of the man she had been exchanging … messages with,” the statement reads.

He hugged his wife, the statement reads, but “he noticed a look of ‘disgust’ on Mrs. Lisa Zielinski’s face.”

The statement reads Peter Zielinski left the bathroom “to retrieve a cup of water.” A five-year-old child was sleeping in another room, the document states.

Instead “he walked to his bedroom closet” where he kept a 40-caliber handgun, the document reads.

According to the statement, “as he moved toward the closet with the gun, part of him was screaming, ‘NO.’ As Mr. Peter Zielinski told me he began screaming the word ‘NO’ multiple times. Each time he yelled the word ‘NO’ he did so louder and louder, as if he were somehow reliving the event.

“He then broke down and started to cry,” Edsall wrote in the statement. Asked what happened next, Peter Zielinski said he “again” saw a “disgusted look” on his wife’s face, police said.

“Mr. Peter Zielinski extended his right arm and hand outward and manipulated his fingers into the shape of a gun,” silently pointing his finger at the detective’s forehead, the statement reads.

“I then asked, ‘Where did you shoot her, where was the gun pointed when you shot her?’” the detective wrote in the statement. “Mr. Peter Zielinski again raised his arm, as described above, pointed it at my head and said, ‘Just up.’”

According to the statement, Peter Zielinski “personally gained access to and read a series of text messages and emails, which he said were written between Mrs. Lisa Zielinski and another man. (He) described some of those messages between the two as expressing mutual feelings of love towards one another.”