Day: January 7, 2011

When citizens speak

Dave McKane’s resignation from the Keizer City Council brings up issues that need to be addressed by this mayor and this council. In his resignation letter to Mayor Lore Christopher he stated  that “allowing the public to...

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$5 gas predicted—no pitchforks?

By LARRY ELDER Five dollars per gallon of gas by 2012! A former president of Shell Oil considers this likely. The average price on Christmas Day for a gallon of regular gas reached $3.28 in Los Angeles County, the highest price...

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Celts take top 10 spot in NW Duals

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes McNary’s varsity mat team emerged from the Northwest Duals in the top 10 of 32 teams, with one undefeated wrestler and two who dropped only one match. The undefeated wrestler, Jeremy Lowe,...

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