The Keizer City Council loses one of its longest-serving members on Monday, January 3, as Richard Walsh turns his seat over to Joe Egli.

Appointed to an open seat in 2000 and elected to full terms in 2002 and 2006, Walsh ends his 10 years of service.  His deliberative and thoughtful ways will be missed.

The good news for Keizer is that Richard Walsh isn’t going anywhere.  He will remain passionate about the issues that he worked hard on, especially city parks. Be assured that have not seen the last of Walsh.

His seat will be taken over by Joe Egli, a booster of Keizer in the Lore Christopher vein.  Currently an agent with R. Bauer Insurance, Egli’s business experience will be key to his main issue, economic development.  His experience as Keizer Chamber of Commerce president will come in good stead as he helps lead the city council into the future and its myriad of challenges including addressing the effects of a lingering economic slump.

With his background we expect Mr. Egli will jump into his new position with both feet and be a major player from day one. Local business will have another friend on the council.  Though universally hailed as a cheery and compassionate man, he will be no pushover when it comes to matters of budgets and spending.

We are looking forward to see how Egli’s addition to the city council will not only maintain Keizer’s frugal ways but how his background will bring new ideas to help solve problems the city will face in the coming years.

Egli will be sworn into office along with returning councilors Cathy Clark and Jim Taylor.  Mayor Lore Christopher will be sworn in for her sixth term.

Once the festivites of the swearing in are over, the city council will get down to the business and face budgetary issues.  Farewell, Richard Walsh.  Welcome, Joe Egli.