Day: December 7, 2010

Cops catch ‘prolific’ robbery suspect

A Salem man was arrested this week on suspicion of several robberies, including two in Keizer. Police from Keizer were part of the arresting team, according to Don Thomson of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Agencies included MCSO along with Salem and Keizer’s police departments. “We believe (the suspect) worked alone in the commission of these robberies,” said Keizer Police Capt. Jeff Kuhns. “Now that he is in custody, there is no longer a threat to our community.” Authorities believe the 24-year-old suspect is responsible for a series of robberies that began Nov. 26, at a Muchas Gracias restaurant on Capitol Street NE. Additional robberies took place on Nov. 27 at the Baskin Robbins in Keizer and early morning Monday, Nov. 29, at Keizer’s Muchas Gracias location. In that incident, Thomson stated, employees described in detail a University of Oregon tattoo on the suspects left arm, and noted he brandished what looked to be a black semi-automatic handgun. Authorities later learned the gun was a plastic look-alike, and was broken during the Keizer Muchas Gracias robbery, Thomson said. At about 10:12 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, a man walked into the Star Market at 9005 River Road N. near Brooks, walked behind the counter and tried to open the cash register. When a female clerk confronted him, police said, he demanded she open the register to give him money, “forcefully”...

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Police: Man assaulted police officer

A Medford man was arrested on a variety of charges after he struck a Keizer Police officer with a laptop computer, authorities said Friday. The officer, Sgt. Jeff Goodman, was taken to Salem Hospital for evaluation of an injury to his jaw. Police are seeking witnesses to the assault. The suspect, police said, was had an outstanding warrant for parole violation stemming from a first-degree sex abuse conviction. It was believed he was living in a house on Mistwood Drive in the Gubser neighborhood. Police were checking the area, along with Keizer Station, Friday morning for the man – along with a male associate – when Goodman was flagged down by a citizen reporting what he thought was two people using a laptop computer and a credit card to commit fraud. The two were believed to be at Burger King’s Keizer Station location. Upon arrival at the restaurant, Keizer Police Capt,. Jeff Kuhns said, officers think both men saw a patrol vehicle and fled the business on foot. Goodman confronted the suspects, but they ran away. One suspect ran southwest through a landscaped area and fell to his knees in a steep embankment. Goodman attempted to arrest him then, but the suspect struck him in the face with the laptop he had been carrying, Kuhns said. Goodman was eventually able to take the suspect into custody with assistance from...

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Road crews brace for difficult winter

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Remember that ice and snow we had last week? If projections hold up, Willamette Valley dwellers can expect more of it this winter. But county officials say crews are ready to stave off the worst, including in Keizer. “We’re anticipating a hard winter,” said Don Newell, the county’s road operations manager. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states on its website that La Niña – which cools equatorial water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean – will likely cause a colder and wetter winter in the northwest, while creating drier and warmer conditions throughout the southern United States. The city contracts with Marion County for road snow and ice removal, and a county official said Keizer gets the de-icing treatment once major county arterials are cleared or treated. In addition to plows, road crews have two options when ice hits: If it’s dry and the forecast calls for snow, the roads are treated with magnesium chloride. “If it’s raining it will just wash it out,” Newell said. If rain is part of the equation sand is the county’s best option, Newell said. For urban-type streets like Keizer, reducing skidding at intersections becomes a top priority. Sand “will give us some traction, particularly when the roads are already iced-over,” Newell said. In the case of snow blanketing the county, Newell reminds that there are...

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