Day: December 6, 2010

Cell phone fee set at 3 percent

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes Cell phone companies will start paying a 3 percent fee on revenue from its Keizer customers next month. It’s expected the fee will be passed along to customers. The Keizer City Council authorized the fee shortly after passing an ordinance giving them authority to impose the fee at its December 6 meeting. Councilor David McKane was the lone vote in...

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Mole’s owner buys properties

By LYNDON A. ZAITZ Of the Keizertimes Amir Fathizadeh has ideas.  He recently purchased the Keizer building at 3800 River Road that houses his business, Mole’s Appliances. The purchase included the commercial building, and four residences behind it. [MAP: 9] “I bought it because I wanted to cut my overhead,” said Fathizadeh. “To deal with the economy the way it is.”  The rents from the tenants will cover his mortgage payment. The biggest challenge he has a new landlord will be to keep the spaces occupied; presently the commercial building,which has four space has two vacancies while the residences are all rented. This is not Fathizadeh’s first foray in owning a building, he has owned apartment buildings before. As the new owner Fathizadeh says he has lots of ideas for the building and is willing to work with new tentants. “I’m open to working with people; if they have an idea, a business in mind that will improve the quality of life in Keizer.  I’m open to ideas,” he said. One spot is already set up for a fitness center and he has talked to a potential tenant who wants to open a deli and a meat market somewhere. If he can connect with the right investor he’d like to partner to open a Middle Eastern restaurant in the bulding. Noting that the economy is still soft Fathizadeh said...

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Survey: Majority would back cell fee

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes More than 60 percent of Keizerites support a fee on cell phones at an average $1.80 a month, according to the city’s citizen survey results. According to the results, 331 people, or 63.7 percent, opined they would support such a fee, while 36.3 percent, or 189, said no. “I was not surprised with that,” said Mayor Lore Christopher. “The reason was we’re a very conservative community, but consistently – I’ve been mayor for 10 years – folks of all ages, young, old and those in the middle, have consistently said, ‘I will pay for public safety.’” An even larger percentage of respondents said they would support a fee for police services, with 70.2 percent stating they’d pay some kind of fee. About 21.1 percent, or 112 people, backed a $3/month fee, with 27.1 percent (144 people) supporting $2 per month and 22 percent, or 117 residents, willing to pay $1 per month. And 29.8 percent, or 158 people, don’t want a police fee at all. A slimmer majority, about 55 percent, would back some sort of fee for parks services assessed on their water bill. About 21 percent, or 114 people, would back a $2 fee, and 33.6 percent would support a $1 per month fee, the results state. Exactly 45 percent, or 240 people, opted for no parks fee. The city of...

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