The Keizer Chamber of Commerce and the City of Keizer have done a good job over the years overseeing the holiday lights that adorn poles up and down River Road.

Due to budget constraints this year the city had to cut money that would have helped the Chamber maintain the decorations which are decades old.  The holiday decorations go up every year with the efforts of Mr. Christmas himself, Dave Walery, and his crew of volunteers.

Their careful maintenance hasn’t prevented the decorations from suffering the effects of time, especially the thousands of light bulbs that bring them to life.

The Chamber and the city should set up a program like Adopt-a-Street, only it would be Adopt-a-Decoration.  A family could adopt a decoration and assure it has the bulbs, wiring and frills it needs.

Love them or hate them, they are Keizer’s decorations and giving its citizens a sense of ownership will result not only in fully lit decorations but a sense of community pride.