To the Editor:

Where on Earth does Peter DeBeck get the idea that female veterans are somehow ‘forgotten’ (Letter to the Editor, Nov. 19).

Lady vets are eligible for every benefit granted to their male counterparts.  They are welcome to join every military veterans organization such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Navy League and American Legion.  In fact, many women hold leadership positions in those units.

Each of the military museums I have visited has made a special effort to recognize the service of women.  As a veteran myself, I have attended numerous military ceremonies and gatherings and in every case the female vets were welcomed and treated just as the men.

Apparently Mr. DeBeck is unaware of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery which honors all women who have served in the United States armed forces.  All allied nations from World War II have similar monuments and recognition.

Mr. DeBeck has done a great job of identifying a problem that clearly does not exist.  I suppose there is a certain element who enjoy stirring up nonexistent problems.  As a time saver, here are three:  1. Women veterans are not “forgotten;” 2. Businesses should not be restricted in the name of “Keeping Keizer Livable (and jobless)” and 3. Keizer does not need a library.  And just to get ahead of the game, Keizer doesn’t need a memorial to recognize forgotten women veterans.

Bob Gallagher