Lauren Englet with Clear Lake School principal Anali Weatherhead.


A few weeks ago I interviewed Anali.  But to the kids at Clear Lake Elementary she is Mrs. Weatherhead.

I found out some great things.  She had a few different jobs before she was principal at Clear Lake.  She was an assistant principal for three years, a principal for two years before that.  Weatherhead also owned a toy store, she was a stay-at-home mom and a newscaster.

As I wrote these things down in my notebook, I was amazed at how cool she really was.  I was literally in awe because she was so awesome.

I asked  how she thought the school year was going and she thought it was excellent.  One of the questions I had also asked her was what is her favorite electronic device?  Brace yourselves people, brace yourselves.  It was an iPad.

“I’d love to own one,” said Mrs. Weatherhead. “But my favorite electronic device that I own is my cellphone.  My daughter texts me but only for emergencies.”

I was wondering if Mrs. Weatherhead had a husband or not.

“People ask me, ‘are you divorced?’  And I say ‘no,’ it’s just because of my job and I love it,” she said.

When asked what she looks for in a good friend, she said “Trustworthiness, someone who accepts my faults and is loving.”

Here’s another question I asked:  Did you ever stop and look at the world around you?

“Yes, all the time,” she answered, “I remember laying on the grass as a kid and thinking: the world is spinning but I’m not feeling dizzy.”

More questions were asked, such as “Have you taught at any schools in your lifetime?” and “Who do you root for in football?”

“If you could, would you change your name?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “because the letters in my name.  Ana come from my father’s name Anastacio and my last letters in my name li come from my mother’s name, Lilia.

I also took pictures and was very happy. I had a great time that day and got a lot of questions answered.  I have interviewed a lot of people, but none as great as Anali Weatherhead.

Lauren Englet is a third grade student at Clear Lake Elementary School.