The next few months will be a good time for all vested parties to start formulating a real plan for making Keizer a sports tournament town.

The idea has been kicking around for a few years.  Keizer Youth Sports Association (KYSA) brought a number of events to the Little League fields.  Developing our economy will encompass many different things, but one of the easiest is to proclaim ourselves a tournament town and then bring in teams all year around.

Softball, baseball, basketball and soccer tournaments can all be lured to Keizer.  We are  home to one of the best youth baseball complexes in the state.  School gymnaisums can be used for basketball tourneys.  And we have enough fields to play soccer.

It will better for Keizer if regional tournaments are attracted because that means kids and their parents coming for an overnight stay in our town.  That translates into room stays and meals bought from local restaurants.

To make Keizer a true tournament town means everyone must work together.  The Keizer Chamber of Commerce, which doubles as our local visitor’s center should invite representatives of the various groups who want to develop tournaments to meet and plan out the year and strategize—scheduling, promotion of local businesses, promotion of the city, and use of facilities throughout the city.

No group should go it alone, everyone can benefit from having 100 or 1,000 extra athletes and their fans into our town.  With some communication and a thought out plan, Keizer can reap the benefits of America’s love of sports and of kids.  It’s cold and wet outside, let’s use this time to be indoors and plan our future.