Day: November 19, 2010

Behind the denounciatons of the deficit report

By DAN CALABRESE The political class has never been closely associated with frankness and honesty, but it almost strains belief that so many people are treating the recommendations of the deficit commission chairs – Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson – as if they had called for the mass incineration of everyone over 50. Shriek. Whether it’s Jeff Madrick in the Huffington Post, Paul Krugman in the New York Times, Dean Baker in the New Republic or Nancy Pelosi just shooting her mouth off, you’d think these guys had suggested we rip the federal government up from its foundations and bring back the Articles of Confederation. All this for a report that is certainly bold by the standards of modern political discourse, but nonetheless contains nothing in the way of truly radical thinking. Is there nothing more to the resulting hysteria than the political class’s reflexive opposition to anything resembling fiscal sanity? Consider: In recent generations, federal spending has typically been a hair below 21 percent of GDP. During the Bush 43 presidency, it was 19.9 percent. Federal revenues have typically been around 18 percent, which is why we’ve usually had a deficit, but most of the time, not a gargantuan one. Since President Obama took office, two things have happened – one the political class loves, one it hates. The one it loves is that federal spending has exploded...

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Thanks to my aunt, a WWII veteran

To the Editor: Veteran’s Day has come and gone again but this one has a special meaning for our family. On Sept. 30, 2010, our Aunt Mary passed away from Parkinsons disease at age 89. She was a veteran of World War II who was a WAAF in the Royal  Air Force. She was hardly out of school when the war started in 1939. She was born in Stornaway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland on March 20, 1921. She was, and is, one of the many forgotten veterans, that served their country—women. We often forget how hard it must have been to leave behind family and friends, to an uncertain future, to join the services. It was a time when you knew nothing would be as it once was. Toward the end of the war she met and married my Uncle Buddy, they two very different people. Together they faced a future together, almost on the other side of the world, settling in Vancouver, Canada in 1946. This was a place so far from where either of then grew up. What all our women veterans of that era had was a courage to step up and do and see things they never had before. If they had not joined a lot of us would not be here today. Thank you Aunt Mary for your service and being a wonderful aunt...

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Drunken Monk aims to bring holiday cheer

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes The Drunken Monk Location: 6495 Keizer Station Boulevard NE Phone: (503) 463-4258 Hours: Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ————————————————- A discount art and home décor store – an Oregon chain with an already-solid following – has opened at Keizer Station. The Drunken Monk is owned by John McDonnell, the “top frog” who also owns and operates five Dapper Frog stores in Portland and on the Oregon coast. The Drunken Monk will have a similar style of merchandise – ceramics, collectibles, upscale glass and home décor – but expect many prices to be well below what you might expect, McDonnell said. “I’m not just talking about 10 percent off,” McDonnell said. “I’m talking about mega discounts. We’re able to do that because we have huge buying power. We’re buying for all of our galleries.” McDonnell’s first Drunken Monk store is in Lincoln City, and he decided this was the year to try it in the Willamette Valley. Stores are opening in Hillsboro at the Streets of Tanasbourne as well as at Keizer Station. Depending on the reception, McDonnell said he may seek longer leases at either one or both of his new stores. For now, it’s open through the holidays next to the OSU Beaver Fan Shop. “If they prove to be successful we would attempt to sign a permanent lease with...

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