Of the Keizertimes

A handgun was found in the lost-and-found bin at McNary High School Monday.

According to Keizer Police Capt. Jeff Kuhns, a physical education teacher found a 9-millimeter Taurus handgun inside a backpack that was in a lost-and-found bin, along with two fully-loaded clips and a box of ammunition.

What authorities don’t yet know is who the backpack belonged to, who the gun’s owner is, why the backpack was at the school and how long it has been there.

“We don’t even know that it was brought to school by a student,” Kuhns said. “There’s a lot of different scenarios where the backpack and the gun could have ended up in that bin.”

Letters were sent home with students Tuesday. Kuhns said there had been no lockdown and wasn’t aware of any threats.

In addition, the letter from McNary Principal John Honey states the school “has no evidence of anyone intending to use the firearm at school” at this point, and the backpack was found in an area  that is “not used or observed often.” Honey reiterates in the letter he didn’t know who brought it to school or when it was left there.

We’ll have more information as police continue their investigation.