Tracy Marie Humphreys

A Salem woman lived under a false identity for more than 20 years after absconding from parole was arrested Friday, Keizer Police report.

According to Sgt. Jeff Goodman, the suspect had assumed a false identity after being paroled on larceny charges in 1988.

The female suspect, police said, had assumed the name of Teresa Ortiz, and made a life for herself. She got married, had children and obtained identification cards from California and Oregon. She had also gotten a faked United States Resident Alien card, Goodman said, and opened up checking accounts under the false name.

She even opened a business – a scrapbooking store on Salem’s Lancaster Drive, Goodman added. Her husband owns and operates a forest fire-fighting company.

According to police, things began unraveling for the suspect on Wednesday, Oct 27, when she was stopped by Officer Juan Mendoza, for a traffic violation, giving the name Tammi Renee Aguilar. She was arrested for failure to carry or present a license, and taken to the Marion County Jail. There she was fingerprinted, charged with identity theft, forgery and giving false information to a police officer – then released.

A subsequent search of a national fingerprint database revealed the woman’s true identity, Goodman stated.
It turns out their suspect had a criminal record dating back to at least 1988, Goodman said. In July of 1998 a warrant was issued from the state of Oregon for violating parole, and in January 1989 authorities in Walla Walla County, Wash. then put out a felony theft warrant for the suspect, he said.

Once officers got this information they set up surveillance of her home and business. She was spotted riding in a vehicle Friday, Nov. 5, and arrested without further incident, Goodman said.

Arrested was Tracy Marie Humphreys, 46, of Salem, for a variety of charges that included forgery, identity theft, possession of a forged instrument and giving false information to police, along with outstanding warrants for theft and parole violations.