Day: November 1, 2010

Council won’t stop fluoride expansion

After hours of testimony Keizer city councilors opted Monday night not to stop planned purchases to fluoridate five of the city’s wells. The city currently fluoridates nine wells and is contractually obligated to add it to a tenth well. The city’s water master plan calls for adding fluoridating equipment to all the city’s wells. Even if the proposal had passed it would not have ended fluoridation in Keizer completely. Voting to stop the equipment purchase: Councilors Richard Walsh and Brandon Smith Voting to continue the equipment purchase: Mayor Lore Christopher, Councilors Cathy Clark, David McKane and Jim Taylor. See Friday’s Keizertimes for...

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Big box restrictions make special election ballot

A local ballot measure restricting buildings more than 65,000 square feet to Keizer Station’s Area A qualified for a special election next year. The Keizer City Council can pre-empt the election by choosing to adopt the measure at its November 15 meeting. Otherwise it goes to voters March 8, 2011. Chief petitioners are Kevin Hohnbaum, Jane Mulholland and James Jobes. They submitted about 3,765 signatures, and at least 2,739 – the minimum number needed to make the ballot –...

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Celt soccer pick up one win in four games

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Maybe it’s best to start with the highlight. The McNary High School boys varsity soccer team blasted past the Sprague  Olympians 4-0 in teams’ game Thursday, Oct. 21. “We had a lot of communication. In general, people were trying hard,” said Hugo Gonzalez, a Celtic senior. “If the ball was in front of them, they we’re going hard and leaving it all on the field.” The sentiment was echoed by teammate Reece Braatz. “It was just a really good game for us,” Braatz said. “We made opportunities and finished on them.” McNary’s four goals came from Gonzalez on an assist by Luis Garibay; Nevin McLain on an assist by Gonzalez; Garibay on an assist Erik Cid; and Cid on an assist by Jake Paulson. Goalkeeps Hugo Cortez and Christian DeSantiago recorded a save each. “The team is getting better that’s no doubt,” said Miguel Camarena, Celtic head coach. “The concept of working as a team is so much better, we played compact, we are scoring goals, and just in time to fight for a playoff spot.” A seat at third in the Central Valley Conference would guarantee the Celtics a playoff berth, but even without it, the Celts will have an opportunity to make the playoffs in a play-in game next week. Prior to the Sprague match-up, the Celts dropped a game...

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Hitchin Post adds on family dining

By JASON COX Of the Keizertimes The Hitchin Post has a new owner. The bar just north of town has been popular with Keizerites for years, but now there’s a twist: Families are welcome, too. The new owners are Keith and Brenda Wright. They completed the purchase from Luke Clearwater just last week. Amber Wright, Keith’s daughter-in-law, said it was Keith’s dream “for the longest time to own a bar because he really wanted to get his food out there. He loves to cook, that’s his life.” Family dining is now on tap from 7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. Menu changes are coming, but not just yet. Amber said planned additions include ribs. “We’re going to try to do specials every day – homemade food,” Amber said. “We’re going to add more to (the menu) to have more variety.” Keith, who owns Casual Catering, said he’s wanted to own the Hitchin Post for years. As a teen his best friend lived across the street, and he would clean horse stalls for extra cash. “I’d knock on the back door and Ms. (Joyce) Clearwater would make us burgers and serve us RC Cola in a bottle,” Keith said. “This place has a little bit of meaning to me.” Keith plans to serve ribs smoked with a dry rub for seven hours, then put into a steaming barbecue sauce bath for...

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