To the Editor:

As a community dentist of more than 30 years experience,  I see a future that is very bright.

In this difficult economic time it is refreshing to find a far-sighted city councilor who holds the economic interests of their citizens in such regard and the provide for the stimulus fo dental practices at the same time.

While saving the citizens of Keizer money that was to be used for continued fluoridation and fluoridation of new wells, Richard Walsh has also insured the continue financial solvency of Keizer dentists.  The people of Keizer will be happy to save a penny a day per citizen.  I’m sure they will appreciate the cumulative savings when they pay their bill at their next dental visit.

Okay, so the savings is less than a penny a day and they will need to see the dentist more often because of the additional decay, and yes, the children and poor will be most affected but think of the economic benefits your dentist gets.

H. Clayton Stearns, DMD